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What we are and what we are not.


We are a COMMUNITY; we are NOT a commune and we are NOT a cult. Right now we are building our online community. Later we will build real-world communities, as they grow out of the local 3CCC Fellowship Groups established by online members in their local area.


We are NOT a commune because we believe in and promote personal home ownership.


We are NOT a cult because our community government is modeled on that of the United States Constitutional Republic (as originally conceived and established) making it impossible that one leader and their minions could seize control.


What is our mission?


Our mission is to AWAKEN, TRANSFORM and GIVE.


1] We help AWAKEN others to the peace, joy and empowerment that comes through connecting to God's Holy Spirit through meditation.


2] We TRANSFORM our lives, inside through daily renewing of our mind and outside through the building of our community.


3] We GIVE to others by creating a nurturing community environment , one that promotes individual dreams and wholesome, debt free families.


What's coming to 3Circles Church Communities?


What are the main benefits for members of 3CCC?



SAVE MONEY: On fuel, on childcare, on building materials and construction, on home and garden equipment, on professional counsel, on utilities, on Doctor's bills, on bank fees, on food, on hired help, etc.


SAVE TIME: No long commutes; no need for travel time to school and extra curricular activities; community-wide shopping for necessities (elective); many helping hands to make light work of yard-work, gardening, repairs or construction; our business incubator will help many members develop home-based businesses, providing secretarial services, equipment and expertise that lessens the owner's workload and dramatically shortens time till profitability;


INCREASE ONE'S QUALITY OF LIFE: You'll know your neighbors; share a common set of beliefs and values; have a voice in all decisions; be part owner of the community and it's businesses; know your values are being reinforced at school; be loved by all.



Fall 2012 - Winter 2012:


  1. Attract at least 500 member signups during pre-launch.
  2. Offer Rewards to encourage leadership and advancement of new members ("New Bioneers") to one of our advanced memberships (no change in the $29 Monthly Service Fee, but more benefits for the member and our 3CCC community when collaborative projects are completed).
  3. Develop video presentations and a detailed "Media Plan" to take 3CCC to the next level.


Spring 2013 - Fall 2013:
Official Launch


  1. Provide training materials for members to establish 3CCC Fellowship Groups in their local area and set a goal for a minimum of 100 local 3CCC Fellowship Groups by the end of 2009.
  2. Coordinate launch of our 3CCC reality TV series, "The New Bioneers" with the official launch of 3Circles Church Communities (see "Pre-Launch & Launch Plans") as well as our List of Projects.
  3. Establish and begin setting up 3CCC Faith-Based Credit Unions at each 3CCC Fellowship Group with 100 or more members.
  4. Buy land and start building first of many communities.


What is: "Community 3.0"?


1] Community 3.0 is first and foremost a hybridization of Community 1.0 (traditional communities) and Community 2.0 (online communities built around Web 2.0 social and collaborative applications).   Community 3.0 communities utilize this hybrid synergy to build their online community first, utilizing its capacity to sort members according to shared values, then creating collaborative projects for the purpose of building their own real-world Community 3.0 community.   One of the most important shared values will be adherance to these ten Community 3.0 conditions;

2] You choose your neighbors, share community land, own your home;

3] Shared spiritual values that lead to a quiet, peaceful, meditative lifestyle;

4] Shared love of healthy lifestyles: natural food, exercise, alternative medicine;

5] Shared love and respect for the environment and "Green" building methods. This translates practically into sustainable land use plans and 100% LEED Certified buildings. Every member of any Community 3.0 community shall agree, in writing, to build their home or any community owned building according to some level of LEED Certified specification (the higher the better);

6] All those who choose to live in a Community 3.0 community must agree to be pre-screened, including a criminal background check;

7] 100% Kid-Safe community environment with the best quality daycare;

8] Checks and balances on internal governance so no one person or group can take control economically or politically;

9] Every community member becomes part-owner of the community prior to moving there (with provisions for poorer people to earn ownership through sweat equity);

10] When the community outgrows its environment, we divide and build another community, thereby maintaining the quality of life associated with Community 3.0.   In the book "The Tipping Point", author Gladwell documents that all Hutterite communities and all military fighting units max out at about 150 people.   Beyond that number groups form clans and unity breaks down.

A Brief Word About 3Circles Church Commmunities

We're so different from "Church" we almost didn't use the word.
And we had to invent "Community 3.0" because what we offer the world is so unique.

Thirty-four years ago I was given a vision of what you're about to discover, a vision I am sharing with the world for the first time.

Meditative prayer & planning undergirds everything we do... the time is NOW!

This is a mission of love, to gather & establish caring communities. It is a call to principled living and meditative renewal, the kind that leads inevitably to greater love and unity.

Please understand, we charge a membership fee because we provide great value,
And, to be perfectly honest, because we need you.

Help us build a new and better world... One community at a time!!

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