A Testimony of Divinely Ordained Love

This is a true story about real love.   It is the story of God's invisible guidance, the bringing together of two souls, in order that they might fulfill the destiny God had planned for them.   It is the story of Leroy Grey and Vonda Williams.


If you are blessed by this story in any way, please, pass it on.   I only ask of those who do so, that you keep our story as is, entirely intact.  


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My relationship with Vonda actually began 7 years and 7 months before we found each other via the Internet, in October of 2004, and began sharing our hopes and dreams.   It was April 4th, 1997, at 3 AM, when God gave me the dream that would change my future.   It caused me to suddenly sit bolt upright in bed.  I knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that this dream was from God and I had to write it down.  But it wasn’t just a powerful dream.   When I awoke I felt God’s presence; I sensed that great peace and joy I regularly feel each morning during my daily hour-long mediation.   In my dream I saw a woman with brown hair who was in her 30's.   Here is most of the dream:

I was with a group of young women & men (20's and 30's).   I was very much attracted to one woman; we were in spiritual union but she was still fairly young and uncertain [actually I mean uncertain in the sense of inexperienced, but it was I who was truly uncertain because of a fairly large age difference, feeling that it would be too much to believe that someone that much younger would truly be in love with me].

I kept thinking she was attracted to another guy.   In fact, she was, but he was her second choice, I was her first.   Finally, she came right out and said what was on her heart, that she was interested in two men in the room - pointing to a fellow to the right of me and then pointing in my direction and saying, "You are my first choice".   I thought she was referring to the guy behind me and pointed to him.   She shook her head no.   When it finally dawned on me I was overtaken by remorse for almost missing this opportunity that God had given.

At this time I was suddenly transformed by the power of the Spirit. It was like a series of dynamos had been suddenly switched on as I acknowledged this woman's place in my life, as a wife.   I then began to teach her what the spirit was teaching me.   In my dream I knew I was dreaming but I also knew this was wisdom to be shared with others.

Suddenly my new wife was holding a box - like a shoebox without the lid.   It had been partially eaten by the ravages of time and insects and rodents, being so full of holes as to be unable to hold any valuables.   Just as suddenly a piece of paper appeared in my hands.   It was, as most paper is, limp and without form.   As such, it could likewise contain nothing of value.   I then remember the feeling that came over me as I was instructed what to do next.   I felt powerful but totally at peace.   The strength of our unity and the sense of our mission and purpose were unquestionable and unshakeable.   The love was not just the love between two people, between man and wife, though that was there, but we were so infused with God's agape love that I felt we could move mountains.

I then took this piece of formless paper and wrapped it around her holey box.   Suddenly both of our ineffectual containers became one container into which I saw invisible hands placing time, and money, and all the resources (physical, mental, spiritual) of our one life, into this box.

The substance of what we each contributed to this container, the flat sheet of paper and a cardboard shoebox with holes, was earthly and perishable - but the contents of it, the substance of our life consecrated for the service of others, was eternal.  But there was more...

There was more to the dream, but it is not time to share it all.   I underlined those key elements that I used to determine if Vonda was indeed "the one".   First, as mentioned in the dream, there has been this undeniable spiritual union between us.   We both felt it early on, especially when we began talking online.   Many times, we were so anointed that we didn't need to say a word and both of us just basked in God's presence.

As we now know, God was guiding each of us throughout the years, preparing us for one other.   The proof of this was confirmed in another dream I had forgotten.   When I was in my motel room here in Shelbyville, just after arriving, I noticed this single sheet of paper sticking up out of my satchel full of papers.   I pulled it out and began to read.   It was dated September 16th, 2004, just about 4 weeks before we met online.  Here is what it said:

Last night was a night of dreams and I believe some of them to be prophetic.   The prophetic ones were first, a series of dreams... I believe there were three.   In each of those three dreams the same woman appeared.   During each dream I was given the certainty that she would be my wife and I would meet her soon.   I felt that God was speaking to me - that both she and I were being made ready for one another and the time was near at hand.   I awoke with these understandings still fresh in my mind.

There is much more as to how God worked toward bringing us together.   We met on Christian Cafe, a Christian online service that helps Christian singles meet one another.   I'd been trying to find Vonda ever since my divorce went through, in May of 1996.   I was getting pretty discouraged after all those years of searching and when my Christian Cafe account expired I had no intention of renewing.   It was when my account was expired that Vonda got online to place her profile.   However, Christian Cafe offered me a 5 day "Get re-acquainted" free membership and I decided to try one more time.   Once I rejoined I made a decision that was not normal for me.   I almost never looked at the profiles of women without a picture.   Since Vonda didn't place a picture with her profile, we might never have met.   But this time I felt I should look at women's profiles who had no pictures.   That's when I read Vonda's profile.   Her essay answers were what attracted me to Vonda and made me realize I wanted to get to know her.   It was only after I got here and told her about how much her essay answers meant to me that Vonda told me she decided to go online just before we met, change her entire profile and add a photo.   However, she felt God telling her to leave it just as it was... totally honest, creative and obviously sold out to the idea of serving God.   Had she changed it I doubt I would have responded.

Soon after we began corresponding it became obvious to both of us that God was in our meeting, as we were being anointed by God's presence when writing emails and each time we talked.   Both of us noticed this and remarked on it, especially about how powerful an anointing was being poured out by God.   However, whether that meant marriage was another matter.   I had no experience whatsoever with anyone handicapped and Vonda was forthright and very honest about every aspect of what I should expect.   A brain inflammation, most likely caused by a viral infection, from either a tick or mosquito bite, left her in a coma for two months, followed by 5 years in a wheel chair, unable to walk.   Two years prior to our meeting she began to walk, using two canes and walking very slowly.   Her speech was also impaired by that viral infection and I had to be very patient and deliberate in my conversations.   That dream revealed nothing about the woman being handicapped, so I could easily have opted out, to avoid something about which I had no understanding.

However, I kept remembering the dream I had April 4, 1997 and re-read it.   Then I began to see each part of it being fulfilled: 1) the anointing by God that was awesome; 2) the unusual unity we felt with each other; 3) the sense of mission and purpose spoken of in my dream was obvious once she read my book, “$ecret$: 12 Principles of Prosperity for Spiritual Entrepreneurs” (she not only agreed on every point but told me she wanted to likewise serve God); and finally, 4) the part about her making a choice between me and a younger guy happened about a month after we met, when a guy she had been interested in for some time, let her know he was interested in her.   I fretted in my heart briefly, since I had two distinct disadvantages.  I was 20 years older and I was 500 miles away, but I prayed and had a great peace about giving the whole situation into God's hands.   When all parts of my dream were fulfilled, including this part, I shared the dream with Vonda.   Our love grew by leaps and bounds from that point forward.

This would be all well in good, had this been the end of God's miracle working power in bringing us together, but there was more.   First off, I needed to sell my RV, to assure we’d have a good financial foundation on which to build.   The several thousand in savings I had, just wouldn't be enough.  


However, I’d tried to sell my old 1976 RV many times in the past, at least 6 times, and not only did it never sell, people told me it's book value was only about $3,000. 


This time, when I prayed about selling it again, I saw two things.   First, to put at the beginning of the ad the words, "GETTING MARRIED SALE".   Second, to say I would sell it for "$5,000 firm".   The day before I left to see Vonda I sold it for $5,000 to a man who needed an RV for temporary living quarters while his house was being renovated.   He saved thousands in motel bills and I got the money Vonda and I needed to get a good start, an unimaginable win-win situation for both of us.

There were many other incidents that reveal the hand of God in our getting married, but I'll only mention one more.   This one is pretty awesome.   Vonda and I wanted to get married as soon as I arrived.   It was so obvious to each of us that God was joining us together, why wait?   However, I could see that there was some time needed for her family to get used to me and accept me, not to mention the fact I had to convince her mother I was OK (she was honestly fearful of anyone her daughter met on the Internet and said to me several times, “How do I know you’re not an axe murderer”).  


For many, this might indicate a need for a long engagement.  However, Vonda and I were convinced that January 15th was the right date, less than 4 weeks from my arrival. We believed this was long enough for her family to accept me, but not so far in the future that we would give into temptation and sleep together prior to marriage. Neither of us had ever refrained from sex before marriage in the past, and God was leading us to realize we needed to do this God's way, to abstain from intercourse prior to marrying (this has turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made, as it allowed a depth of trust to grow that neither of us had ever known).

Believe it or not, everyone came around to accepting Jan. 15th.   Better still, when we were invited by one of Vonda's friends to attend a local church on New Year’s Eve, that date was confirmed prophetically by her Pastor.   We didn't know him from Adam but her friend, Trish, invited the pastor to come over and pray for us.   His prayer was awesome.   Not knowing us or this story, he touched on the unity of our heart, the mighty anointing that God had placed upon us, and he confirmed January 15th, telling us that many would be negative (which they were) but not to listen to them, for we had God's blessing.   He also prophesied that we would have a powerful ministry that would change the lives of thousands.


If you wish to write to Vonda (she would especially like to hear from handicapped women who are wondering if anyone will ever love them again) you can email her here: grey.vonda@gmail.com.


Leroy can be reached at his email address: